Learning Gym and Counseling Corner

Formal Distance Learning begins April 20th.

Distance learning is a new adventure for all of us!  While we would love everything to go perfectly, we know there will be some bumps in the road.  Teachers have been working very hard over the last few weeks in preparing virtual learning activities for your children that are engaging and accessible.  Please be patient if something isn't working or making sense, we will figure it out together.

Mobile Device and Hotspot Distribution:

The second round of device distribution, for students in grades TK-1 and a small number of students in grades 2 - 5, will take place between April 20th and May 1st.  Schools will be sending out messages regarding the pick up schedule.   

The first shipment of hotspots has been received and distribution will begin April 20th.  We had hoped to receive the hotspots earlier, but we are working to get them out as soon we can.  Schools will be contacting families who indicated they needed a hotspot and letting them know the distribution schedule.

A distance learning helpdesk for technical support is currently being set up and will be accessible on our district website at https://www.hueneme.org/distance-learning-helpdesk.  There is a link to the helpdesk in the shortcuts menu.  

Our HESD Virtual Learning Gym is being updated every week.  This is a great resource for at-home learning.  The website has daily exercises for the brain, body and being.  Students are invited to work out in the virtual learning gym everyday. There is a section for “student workouts” and a section for “parent coaching.”